Just over a week ago, SCAM (Simple. Cool. Automatic. Money.), was born.

What started as a fun learning experiment quickly got picked up by Crypto Influencers, CTs and subsequently went global.

#scamdemic Google Analytics Data For scamily.io showing traffic from all over the world.

Like any good scam, things started escalating fast ;) What began with a single dev turned into a community overnight, with over 1000 people in THE SCAM SHACK DISCORD.

From that community emerged the S.C.A.M team, a group of over 15 people who have been actively working to capture the essence of what is obviously something very unique in the crypto space. How many other DeFi crypto projects do you know that have had their dev doxxed with over a million views on World Star Hip Hop, have been featured in Vice Magazine, plus multiple mentions on the hottest crypto podcast of 2021 — UpOnlyTV?

We know it’s not a real cult until someone gets the tattoo but the haircut is a great first step.

We know crypto tech is rapidly developing due to its open source and permissionless nature. Especially in the DeFi space where protocols become lego blocks for building out new and interesting ideas. With these integrations and mergers between protocols we now begin to see a merging of communities and culture too.

The crypto art scene has absolutely exploded with NFT’s emerging as a new kind of canvas with superpowers. This art, tech and the communities creating it are being plugged in to DeFi, and new mechanisms to organise and govern value (both cultural and financial value) are being born, tested, adopted & adapted everyday.

Popular culture and crypto culture are merging at an accelerating pace. The massive influx of people to crypto actually does little to show adoption of DeFi, which lags further behind typical use of crypto (like CEXs) than one might expect. The problem is simultaneously that most DeFi projects are hard to discover and hard to differentiate from one another.

Besides that, even after finding which DeFi product fits your needs perfectly, they’re often opaque in their mechanisms and have little in the way of explanation of how their product works.

Boiling it down, these key points are the ones that thousands of projects face for mass-user experience:

a) Hard to discover;

b) Hard to understand/trust;

c) Hard to use;

We’re working on a product to solve all three pain points and this product has massive potential to help both crypto noobs and DeFi explorers. The problem is one of adoption. So we are building the Intercom of DeFi. A Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for Decentralized Apps (DAPPS)!

“Fate loves irony. What would be the most ironic outcome? The cryptocurrency that was invented as a joke becomes the real currency”

-Elon Musk

Over the last week the community and team have explored many ideas on what we can build on top of $SCAM. We broke down the best ideas into various value props, some of which may be implemented into our longer term roadmap. But after much discussion and an ICE test, SCAM University emerged as the winner to throw the majority of the product teams focus on. Biz dev, DeFi integrations and some secret sauce are still well and truly being worked on but what we are actually building right now is SCAM U.

SCAM University — The DAP (Digital Adoption Platform) for DAPPS (Decentralised Applications).

S.C.A.M is building the hub for DeFi adoption by popular culture aka the masses!

What emerges will be wild and SCAM is here for it.

We are optimising for longevity. We are here for the bull market and we will be here for the bear market. We are aware that we have not reached our final form. We don’t claim to be experts but we are on a mission to learn and explore the space from tech, business, community & cultural perspectives. We are curious, irreverent, fun, creative, down to earth, transparent, street smart and most importantly, we keep it real. We also like to get money and to free ourselves as much as possible from the real scam.

In the meantime while we are preparing our rocket ship to the moon, the dev team has a little surprise for you and it’s coming to you real soon, so stay tuned. Just because we are busy with this new roadmap that we’ve laid out and the SCAM Team isn’t playing, doesn’t mean you can’t!

Explore the cryptoverse & collect $SCAM tokens. Get to the top of the leaderboard & win prizes!

The SCAM Team

What started as an experiment quickly became a serious success. A group of professionals coalesced around Dre immediately, struck by his star power.

We all came for the memes and got some $SCAM for the culture but after actually meeting Dre and discovering a light-hearted funny AF honest and smart man with a big heart and the balls to take responsibility for the monster he unleashed. We **cringe warning**…

Fell in love!

Artists Rendition Of Our BASED Dev. Dre.

Today, the SCAM Team is global and multi-disciplinary. Our team has years of experience in product development, marketing, design, legal, and operations, with an advisory board that includes veterans of the crypto finance and blockchain architecture spheres. From Singapore to Australia to Seattle, our team truly never sleeps.

So after much preamble we announce The SCAM team that will build and launch SCAM U;


So, if you’d like to hop on this wild fun journey with us, and want to get involved, join us here!
Much love to y’all, Scamily